Sunday, March 22, 2009

Went to a concert tonight and dumped digital, going totally analog...took my 6X8" blank black book and drew the performers on each to sign their drawings. It's an old hobby, going back to drawing the anthropologist Dr. Louis B. Leakey at Washington High School in Fremont CA in 1969.

He told me he had watched me as he was speaking, as I drew 6 portraits in the front row. He signed one of the six.

It's nice to feel a pencil in my fingers and paper under my hand...real paper, and not the tapping of fingers on a keyboard.

My drawings exist in real time, unlike my digital art work, which exists only as differing voltages in the computer architecture. Thank god for bristol vellum finish paper.

But then, they DO wind up being scanned into digital files and manipulated in Photoshop and posted to my website. So much for the romance of art as seen by Vermeer, DaVinci, Botticelli or Van Gough.

101010101010 00011011 our days are numbered

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